Be prepared to meet investors' expectations

Raise capital faster

Fundraising is difficult, we bridge the founder-investor gap.

Know when, how, and from whom to raise capital, faster.

Bottom-Up Financial Models
Don't build 🐂💩 5 year forward looking pro ratas. We build models to convince you and others that you know where you're going and it's worth investing in.
Get Your House In Order
During due diligence your legal and financial records will be reviewed by potential investors to identify any issues that could prevent a deal or future deal from closing.
Fundraising Support
Different fundraising strategies require different plans. We work together to build the necessary materials to help convince yourself and others this company has all the elements of a good bet.
Break bad habits and meet investors' expectations
No one knows whether a startup is going to succeed. Navigating venture financing is a demanding process that involves unexpected challenges.


What Our Clients Are Saying

“Sessions with David Crow were exceptional. We were a bit of a unique venture with a complicated cap table and he was able to provide real, blunt, and highly effective feedback which has framed how we’ve approached future investors. We have taken real advice and it has fundamentally shaped how we now are operating.”

Frithjof Hennemann, TrueOcean
Frithjof Hennemann

“He's DYNAMITE! We cannot thank CDL and David enough for all of the really critical mentorship and advice we've gotten on our path to commercialization. I could stay up all night thinking about bootstrapping vs. VC and cannot tell you how grateful we are for David's continued dedication to helping us navigate all of this.”

Tracey McGillvray, RAYMEXTM
Tracey McGillivray

“David is awesome - he has a wealth of knowledge. It’s easy to get value out of the calls, especially if you prepare accordingly. I was so impressed with how quickly he understood our business and GTM, you've got a really great resource in him. ”

Karl Birgir Björnsson, Hefring Marine
Karl Birgir Björnsson

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